How it all started

It started out as a thought to help people move their belongings steadily and quick, then I soon realized that it was something many people in the community wanted and needed. By September of 2018, the dream of The Movers Co was born. The Movers Co became known to others as an industry that not only moves things but builds and creates an environment as a home. Today The Movers Co started as a solo journey and now it has become a team of young individuals striving for excellence.

Our Core Values

Unlike our competitors, we strive to be an eco-friendly company. That means we will first try to donate your unwanted items to a local non-profit.

  • Building Leaders — We encourage our movers and customers to achieve higher greatness and knowledge while inspiring one another.
  • Positive Branding — Every day we seek a positive community within our company, our clients, and deliver customer satisfaction every job.
  • Team Environment — Every job we want our movers to enjoy what they are doing. We make it an effort to be sure that the team is being energetic and creating fun within the job field. Having a high-spirited energy is very contagious and who doesn’t love laughing and having fun.
  • Customer Service — When a customer tells a mover about a problem or even an advice, we make it known to acknowledge their wishes and concerns. The Movers will do whatever it takes to meet the needs and expectation of our clients.

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